AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company that creates paints and performance coatings for both industry and consumers worldwide.

What we did
AkzoNobel is one of our launching customers. The problem that AkzoNobel reached out to us for is that they were not sure about the size of their digital landscape. Furthermore, AkzoNobel wanted to get a better grip on their project for implementing their Cookie Management Platform. The total implementation scope remained unknown, and there was no clear centralized configuration managed.

During our 10 week onboarding program we have manually imported all DNS zones in order to detect all applications. We have helped categorizing the applications by platform, targeting country and business unit. An off-shore support partner is currently being onboarded so that AkzoNobel can act upon the processed findings they get from the platform.

The benefit for AkzoNobel of using our platform, is that they now have a total overview of their total digital landscape. That means that they now know the exact scope of their live-customer-facing websites as well as their non- production domains. In our common roadmap we have the goal to, get fully automated insights in to which websites comply with internal and external regulations like GDPR, AVG, e.g.