Case image AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company that creates paints and performance coatings for both industry and consumers worldwide. What we didAkzoNobel is one of our launching customers. The problem that AkzoNobel reached out to us for is that they were not sure about the size of their digital landscape. Furthermore, AkzoNobel wanted to get […]

Friesland Campina

Case Image Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.

Friesland Campina Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. is a Dutch multinational dairy cooperative based in Amersfoort, Netherlands. What we didRoyal Friesland Campina wants to get a more firm grip on their external websites. FrieslandCampina’s IT department wants to focus on SSL certificates and the expiry of these certificates, as well as eliminating manually checking websites for compliance […]


Case Image Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken Handelsbanken is one of Sweden’s central banking and financial service providers, with over 460 branches situated in Europe. What we didHandelsbanken approached us with a request for help because of several issues related to the migration of responsibilities for DNS management from legal to IT. Handelsbanken requested our consultancy services for streamlining the handover […]