What exactly is a data breach?

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It is increasingly in the news: data leaks. Whether it is within the government, on web shops, every organization has to deal with it.

Significant shortage of employees in the IT sector

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More and more companies in the Netherlands are struggling with a shortage of personnel. The lack of labour in the IT sector is likely to lead to an increase in wages and a higher risk of a data security breach.


Keylogging Websites, browsers and apps store what you type, even if you don’t send it.Users resent this. And rightly so.Why do tech companies use these tactics In short: because they can. When the technology is readily available, data hunger often prevails over common sense. But a user that hasn’t hit ‘send’ yet, feels she is […]

Tag monitoring

Tag monitoring You’re monitoring which tags, cookies and trackers are on your websites. Check. ✅You know which data you’re sending where, under which DPA. Check. ✅ But will you get a heads-up when a tech company changes their terms unilaterally? They do that, you know.

Apple is a drag

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Apple is a drag 😡 Apple is a drag.🦕 With the App Store, Apple has a monopoly. And they’re not letting anyone onto their platform.😁 And you know what? They’re right. Of course it’s annoying, them using their monopoly to charge high margins. But look at it from a security perspective:Your mobile phone is the […]

TikTok and privacy

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TikTok and privacy ✅ There’s online platforms that take privacy seriously.⚠ There’s online platforms that aren’t too concerned about user privacy.😱 And then, there’s TikTok… TikTok is – we’ll put it mildly – not exactly famous for its sound data policies.You probably knew that.But do you know which of your sites have TikTok cookies?

Automated audits

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Automated audits Automated audits Yes! Your privacy and compliance audit is done! 🚀  You’ve audited every single website and app you could find in your organization.  Here’s the bad news:  Tomorrow morning, you can start over. The situation has changed while you were e-mailing your report. 😓  You need automated, real-time auditing. Automate this.