Handelsbanken is one of Sweden’s central banking and financial service providers, with over 460 branches situated in Europe.

What we did
Handelsbanken approached us with a request for help because of several issues related to the migration of responsibilities for DNS management from legal to IT. Handelsbanken requested our consultancy services for streamlining the handover of responsibility from the Handelsbanken Legal department to their Operational IT department. We identified the following issues:

– No clear registration process defined,
– No tool available to support internal registration and management process and
– The current way of working is lengthy,

These issues resulting in unnecessary delays for (new) projects are examples of the issues that Handelsbanken is facing.

What we did to solve these issues is organize interviews and workshops with relevant stakeholders (Legal and IT) to determine processes and organizational flow. We reviewed existing and established new governance and domain strategy/ principles & processes. Last but least, we have built a domain management tool based on Jira Service Desk.

The benefits that Handelsbanken gets from our consultancy assignment is that they have a an implemented Domain Portfolio policy and process. Also they now have a clearly defined hand over of operational responsibility to IT which results in much faster request process and less errors.